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Simplify identity management

Address identity chaos to reduce security risks and IT costs
OneLogin Identity Chaos

Identity system complexity creates havoc

Are you stuck managing different users in different systems? Still supporting legacy systems that create provisioning headaches? Stop the madness. Identity chaos eats up IT time and budget, frustrates users, and increases security risks.

Eliminate the Chaos Through Single Sign-On

Eliminate security gaps

Eliminate security gaps
A lack of centralized identity and access management (IAM) makes it hard to enforce password security (creating password chaos) and increases the likelihood of delays in deprovisioning ex-employees, both of which create security risks.

The time sink of identity chaos

The time sink of identity chaos
When you’re working with multiple, disparate identity elements—like Active Directory plus Workday plus cloud apps—even basic operations like onboarding employees or provisioning them for a new app can take way too long.

Don’t be the roadblock to employee productivity

roadblock to employee

Identity chaos creates delays for employees, like slowing down getting the apps they need or having their passwords reset. And that increases the chances of shadow IT and poor password practices. OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform™ can help.

Lighthouse Academy

I now run an organization of over 7,000 accounts with less than two hours a day spent on managing user identity, and that’s all thanks to OneLogin.

Casey Muse CIO


OneLogin has been a huge success for SOTI overall. Users now have a single place to access all their applications, and don't have to worry about remembering passwords.

Scott Underhill IT Manager, SOTI


What OneLogin does for us is, it gives us the security that we need, and still gives our users the flexibility that they want to choose those productive apps.

Gary Graeff IT Group Manager, Steelcase

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